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We are a specialist 3D measurement company.

What we do

Measurement on the same manufacturing machine

Smart manufacturing and measurement cannot be separated from each other. Cubit Precision Measurement provides fast in-process surface and thickness measurement solutions that can be integrated into your manufacturing process for inspection and production control, enabling better manufacturing throughput and cost reduction.

Cubit offers


Development of Bespoke Integrated Metrology Solutions to meet your individual needs for process optimisation.


Expertise in metrology instrument and software creation.


Comprehensive Support Package which covers through-life support through Design, Build, Installation and Maintenance.

Our vision

Our vision is to enable smart manufacturing through metrology to optimise the process and achieve “right first time” production.

Our mission is to maximise manufacturing performance by using integrated metrology solutions to achieve true in-process, on machine measurement capability.

About us

Cubit Precision Measurement has spin-out from a world leading research group in surface metrology based at the University of Huddersfield. Cubit provides innovative in-process metrology products and consultation services for real-time surface precision measurement and characterisation.

CUBIT’S Timeline

March 2019

RAEng Fellowship fund

Cubit’s Director, Dr. Hussam Muhamedsalih, is awarded an Enterprise Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) to establish Cubit and demonstrate the full commercial potential of the metrology products.

Enterprise Fellowships “support innovative, creative entrepreneurial engineers who have demonstrated an exceptional innovation in engineering which they want to develop further.”

Dr Muhamedsalih receives a Research in Residency (RiR) Award from the Engineering and Physics Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to collaborate with the High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVMC).

A joint collaboration has been established with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)  the UK’s national centre for printable electronics to demonstrate one of the metrology products and to support the HVMC’s capabilities in flexible electronics and roll-to-roll process.

June 2019

Research in Residency fund

February 2020

Demonstrator at CPI

A new optical metrology instrument is integrated within roll-to-roll manufacturing process for ‘real-time’ surface measurement and thin film inspection. The technology demonstrator is now available at CPI.

Cubit’s Director, Dr. Hussam Muhamedsalih, is awarded an Industrial Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) to collaborate with industrial partner Paragraf Ltd.

Paragraf makes graphene-based electronic devices and this Award will strengthen the strategic relationship between Cubit and the company.

May 2020

RAEng Industrial Fellowship fund


Cubit’s technologies are based on innovative optical instruments that can quickly measure surfaces at micro/nano-scale accuracy level within harsh manufacturing environments. The instruments are integrated with an automated computerised method to analyse surfaces without direct interaction from the operator.

One of the previous technologies developed by the team is a wavelength scanning interferometer (WSI).

This patented interferometer has been successfully used to inspect the top surface layer of flexible photo-voltaic solar modules. The top layer is the most expensive layer and acts as a flexible barrier material to prevent water vapor ingress.

The WSI has shown to be a powerful inspection tool to detect and measure micro/nano-scale defects that can appear at any stage of the process. This technology was the winner of the Manufacturing Technology category at the 2014 Engineering and Technology (IET) Innovation Awards, selected from over 400 entries from 22 countries.

The instrument is now sold under licence by IBS Precision Engineering Ltd in the Netherlands.


Cubit’s metrology products enable smart manufacturing across different industries for example flexible electronics and display technology, optics and telescope manufacturing, semiconductors and aerospace and defence.


Precision manufacturing surfaces


Flexible electronics and thin film manufacturing




Flexible solar panels


Semiconductor technologies

We offer

Defect detection and thickness measurement for thin film manufacturing.

Roughness measurement for precision surface manufacturing.

Surface structure measurement for semiconductors and MEMS/NEMS system manufacturing.

Surface inspection of optical quality patterned rollers and flat master surfaces for UV casting, imprint, embossing and injection moulding.

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